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Frequently Asked Questions




General Questions

Can I buy without an account?
Yes, you can buy without a user account.
How do I set up an account?
To set up an account, click Register on the top right corner of the page. Then select the account that is best for you. After filling in your information you will receive an email for verification. Click the link in the email in order to complete registration. (Be sure to check your spam folder if email did not arrived quickly).
Which account should I choose?
There are three types of accounts available:
  • A free Buyer account is for those who do not wish to sell. This option allows a user to have a personalized experience with such features as saved searches and email notifications.
  • A free Private Party account is for individuals and small businesses who wish to sell on for free. There is also the opportunity of paid advertising to increase the visibility of your listings.
  • A paid Vendor account costs $30 per month, or $300 per year. With this account, sellers receive special benefits such as website link, multiple listing duration including perpetual, up to 20 pictures per listing, ability to to import listings, as well as advertising discounts.
What benefits do I get with a Vendor account?
A Vendor account gives sellers the following benefits:
  • Lower prices for listing upgrades to enhance visibility.
  • Hyperlink to your website or URL that you choose - draws traffic to your website!
  • Premium Virtual Storefront.
  • Your business is promoted in the Vendor Stores menu.
  • Ability to upload your company logo.
  • Free YouTube video link in listings.
  • Display dealer information and website in listings.
  • Listings are not autoremoved when flagged.
  • Users can find you with search by dealer option.
  • Perpetual listing length option and 7 day length option, in addition to the standard 30 day length.
  • Pre-fill location when listing.
How do I pay for a Vendor account or advertising upgrades? accepts payment by Paypal and Credit Card.
How do I change/upgrade my account from Buyer to Private Party toVendor?
Sign into your account. Using the menu on top right, select "my profile" and then click "Change User Group."
What is OpenID and how do I use it?
OpenID allows you to use a provider that you already have an account with in order to Login to This feature simplifies your online experience, so that you can use one account and the same password for many websites.
How do I create a new listing?
Click “Create New Listing” at the top of the page. Or, if you are logged in, you can also click your user ID at the top right- hand side and then select “add listing.” Afterwards, enter your listing information and select any upgrades. Upon submitting your listing it will be active shortly, or if you have chosen paid upgrades then it will activate upon payment.
How do I create a Buy Now Button?
Click here to Download the HTML code for the button. Then watch our YouTube Video for detailed instructions. You can also choose a button from PayPal's list of buttons if you are familiar with HTML coding.
How do I pay for advertising upgrades? allows you to submit multiple listings with paid upgrades and then pay for them all at once. Until paid they will be in the pending status. To pay, simply click your user ID and then click “My Basket” in the upper right-hand side of the page.
Why can't I see my listing?
It may take several minutes before your listing is visible. Please be patient.
Can I post multiple listings of the same item?
No. Duplicate listings are not permitted.
Can I post in multiple locations?
No. Posting in multiple locations is not permitted. Furthermore, it is best to put your location down accurately so that users can find the items they are looking for.
How do I import listings?
Click your user ID in the upper right-hand corner and then click import listings. Then browse for your CSV file and upload it. For the format to import your listings, please download the import sample Excel File.
Can help me with transaction issues?
No, does not become involved in transactions in any way. only provides a service to allow sellers/users to list items. Thus, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller to conduct safe and legal transactions.
Can contact a seller for me?
No. does not become involved in transactions. Furthermore, our privacy policy prevents us from sharing information.
How can I safely cunduct transactions?
Contact your local law enforcement office for information about safely conducting transactions.
What do I do if I have been scammed?
Contact your local law enforcement for help. Also use the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page to send us the listing information so that we can remove it.
How can I avoid getting scammed?
For shipped items, use Paypal or similar trusted online money transaction method. If a listing seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Buyers should not send Money Orders or Cashiers Checks to sellers, nor should sellers accept them. Do not wire money to sellers. Do not give out your financial information. Remeber that is not get involved in any transaction and the payment process is completely between the buyer and seller. does not verify a seller's honesty, guarantee any transaction, nor does it offer any “buyer protection.”
What do I do if I think a listing is a scam?
Please flag the listing and contact us using the link at the bottom of the page so that we can remove the listing.
Can help me if I have have been scammed?
While we do take precautions to prevent scammers using our site, it is up to the user to investigate how to prevent being scammed and what to do in the event that that happens. Due to our privacy policy, cannot provide information to users about a scammer, but can only provide it to law enforcement during due process of law.
What if my listing is flagged?
If your listing is flagged it may be deactivated. Spamming is forbidden on – this includes listing an item multiple times, listing in multiple locations, listing in multiple categories. Do not list your item in more than one location or category. The search options on make it easy for users to find your item.
What if my listing is not appearing? uses filters to prevent scamming. We also do not allow the use of profanity or innapropriate images. reserves the right to remove any listing and to change our policies at any time.
Can you help me find an item on
Please use the search options on the site to find items. does not get involved in transactions.
I am interested in an active listing but the seller is unresponsive.
The item may be sold already. Search for another item from another seller.